About us

Estabalished in 2012, Dainik CITY News (Hindi) News Paper and website News channel is covering all type of news and keeping you all updated from all kind of breaking news, social networking and current affairs. Truth and glory have emerged as a voice. From year 2017, City News Mumbai updates news on Reliance’s Jio news. Not only this, it is also available on Paper Boy app and updating news on all social media platforms on daily basis. City News Mumbai’s Editor has received accredited journalist from Govt. Of Maharashtra. It has received Registrar of Newspaper for India (RNI) from the Govt. Of India. City News Mumbai, delivers news of the Ministry, Legislative Assembly news. It also covers news of the country, state related news, city related news, district news, foreign affairs, political coverage, local news, crime related news, social, business and news from entertainment world etc. City News Mumbai is also available on YouTube, digital portal, facebook, twitter, instagram and hello app as City News Mumbai.